Sabina Bremner will be joining the CPKP as Postdoctoral Fellow in the Academic Year 2022-23

In the academic year 2022-23, Sabina Bremner will be joining the CPKP as Postdoctoral Fellow. Sabina will arrive in the summer semester 2023 and will work on a new project entitled “Genealogy and the Revisable A Priori”. With this project, Sabina aims to explore the question as to how we can make sense of the possibility of a revisable a priori. Throughout the course of her fellowship, she will examine three different models of genealogy as advancing and defending a revisable a priori, as elaborated in the respective works of Marx, Nietzsche, and Foucault. With Sabina Bremner and Karen Ng joining us in the academic year 2022-23, there will be four fellows at the Center working on issues related to a reactualization of Marx’s critical philosophy. Our international summer conference in 2023 will make use of this opportunity and explore new perspectives on Marx.

Sabina has just started a new position as assistant professor of philosophy at the University of Pennsylvania. She obtained her PhD from Columbia University in 2021, where her research was supported by the Mellon Foundation, the American Council for Learned Societies, and the Council for European Studies. She works primarily on Kant, value theory, and 19th-20th century European philosophy, with additional interests and teaching expertise in philosophy of race and gender, social and political philosophy, aesthetics, and early analytic philosophy. Her work has been recognized by the North American Kant Society, the American Philosophical Association, and the American Society for Aesthetics, among others.

We are thrilled to welcome Sabina in Potsdam next year!