Recent years have seen a new wave of interesting work on post-Kantian philosophy. This new wave overcomes various dividing lines that have limited our perspective. It interconnects a greater diversity of 19th and 20th century traditions that were previously studied separately, blocking from view the many ways they illuminate each other. This new wave disregards an unfruitful analytic-continental divide that has long fractured the philosophical discussion. And it is international to a new extent, not limited to European perspectives on post-Kantian thought, but including perspectives from the Americas, the Near and Middle East, Asia, and Africa.

The Potsdam Center for Post-Kantian Philosophy offers a new home to this international critical engagement with post-Kantian thought in all of its diversity and complexity. It seeks to articulate its insights and its limitations in relation to the pressing epistemic, social, political and ecological concerns of our time. It will enable an open exchange of ideas that helps develop new critical perspectives on post-Kantian thought and in turn will bring to bear its insights on issues of contemporary relevance, from understanding the epistemic challenges and injustices of the present to articulating the complexities of the postcolonial condition, and the need for a new politics of nature in the Anthropocene.

To enable this critical work, the Potsdam Center of Post-Kantian Philosophy will organize a variety of events and bring together a diverse group of international research fellows in Potsdam every year, working on individual and collaborative projects.


The Center explores issues in post-Kantian philosophy through a number of academic and discursive events that fall into four categories: It organizes a series of international academic conferences elaborating major issues in post-Kantian thought. These conferences are accompanied by shorter workshops with an exploratory character. The annual Fines Hominis Lecture, delivered by a different internationally renowned philosopher each year, will offer new perspectives on the question of the human being in a time that is characterized by two opposed tendencies: post-humanism and a renaissance of anthropological thinking. Finally, our series CPKP Talks gathers a number of stand-alone lectures, discussions, and conversations on specific topics in post-Kantian philosophy.


To foster the new wave in post-Kantian philosophy, the Center will host a group of international fellows in Potsdam each year. The fellows will pursue individual or collaborative research projects in post-Kantian philosophy and will have the chance for extensive exchange with other fellows and the team of researchers permanently affiliated with the center. The Potsdam Center hosts fellows on the professorial, post-doctoral, and doctoral level.


The Potsdam Center for Post-Kantian Philosophy is part of an extensive international network of other institutions, devoted to research on the post-Kantian tradition. We are in regular exchange with a number of these institutions and collaborate with them regarding our program and events.